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Did You Know: about Data Security?

How Secure Is Your Data?

You, and everyone else, are/is out for the long weekend. You come in after that glorious mini-vacation only to find your office in shambles. Broken glass, bent metal and papers everywhere. Then the panic sets in:

Where are the computers?!?! What do we do now?!?!

Has this ever happened to you? Do you have a plan for that horrendous day when your office, or home-office, is burglarized? What about a fire or other “natural” disaster? You need to have a plan in order to answer the following critical questions:
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Did You Know: about using a Project Plan

Do you have a project plan?

In this fast paced internet enabled everything world, we, as business owners and consumers, need to remember to take the time to plan. When taking on a new website project, spend the time and money to get a project plan together. A project plan is an outline of the steps to completion for a given project, with milestones, or measurable mini-goals, that can be used to measure productivity and as progress tracking payment points. Project plans protect all parties involved in the process of creating websites and software.
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Web Design and Hosting project release: RedeemedNDelivered.com

Website released to production RedeemedNDelivered.com

Computer Gurus is pleased to announce another custom web design and development project, released to production for our client Redeemed-N-Delivered Spiritual Art in Escondido, CA.

Redeemed-N-Delivered Spiritual Art creates, sells, promotes, and distributes  Christ centered art and apparel!

Sales of their products fund and promote ministry efforts in three (3) core areas:

  • Men’s Ministries
  • Families Ministries
  • Helping Displaced People

Visit the Redeemed-N-Delivered site today!

Web Design project release: AppleRealtySD.com

Website released to production AppleRealtySD.com

Computer Gurus is pleased to announce another custom web design and development project, released to production for our client Apple Realty in San Diego, CA.

Apple Realty specializes in Exclusive Buyer Representation!

Apple Realty is is currently offering a plan in which they rebate a sizeable portion of the commission fees. Let them walk you through the buying process, step by step and you will see your savings add up!

Visit the Apple Realty site today!

Did you know… the Gurus do Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, it’s true we do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)…

For our web hosting and website design clients in San Diego and beyond, Computer Gurus has always managed basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Up until last year, our basic SEO was simply linking client sites to the top 5 search indexes, social media, and sitemap updates, and showing you how to use those tools to make sure you were out there and find-able. But, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) status has become too complicated and w-a-a-a-a-y to important to our on-line existence to be played at. Because of that many of you (our clients in San Diego specifically) have been asking us to manage the details of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for sometime now.
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