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A useful email tracking tool

Are you sending out proposals and you aren’t sure if they are being opened?


Ever wish you could know that your messages were getting through to that important client or VP in your organization?


I have been using an interesting new email tracking tool called Signals. It notifies you when people open your emails, and Signals lets you know when leads are visiting your website links. The stats from Signals can also be setup to sync to SalesForce in the background. Personally, I don’t use SalesForce, but if you do Signals might be more interesting to you. Signals has been very useful to me.

Your Mileage May Vary, but for me this is a great tracking tool for project management, the sales process and plain ol’ C.Y.A.

Signals has been great for understanding the level of engagement of specific clients. I can tell if they REALLY haven’t read that email or opened that link to the proposals or if they are blowing smoke because they aren’t yet ready to forward.

As a Project Manager, I am using this email tracking tool to determine the communication styles and patterns of those involved with the project. Using this tool I can infer patterns that almost inform me what days and times of the day are less crazy and are most likely to illicit a response. (On Tuesdays, Joe opens my messages by 8:am, and replies almost immediately, but on Wednesdays he doesn’t open them until after 10:am and doesn’t respond until later in the day.) It is like having search engine analytics for your email inbox. Or even SEO for digital communications. Your Mileage May Vary, but for me this is a great tool for project management, the sales process, and plain ol’ C.Y.A. .

You can sign up for a limited, free account that allows you to mess around without needing a credit card or have charges building up on you. Later you can decide to upgrade for more notifications and additional features.



Let me know what you think of it and how you use it in your communications with others.


  Gary C.
  Product Development Manager


Did You Know: about using a Project Plan

Do you have a project plan?

In this fast paced internet enabled everything world, we, as business owners and consumers, need to remember to take the time to plan. When taking on a new website project, spend the time and money to get a project plan together. A project plan is an outline of the steps to completion for a given project, with milestones, or measurable mini-goals, that can be used to measure productivity and as progress tracking payment points. Project plans protect all parties involved in the process of creating websites and software.
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Did you know … what about SEO and Backlinks

How and Why Should I Start Building Backlinks?

By Chris Carter

The idea behind building backlinks is as simple as trying to get links that point directly to your website. Most people do not understand the concept of this search engine optimization activity. However, if you are aiming to put up an online business, then you should carefully understand the reasons why you should spend some time in building quality backlinks for you website.
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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Computer Gurus does SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Specifically for the clients for which we do web hosting and website design in San Diego, Computer Gurus has managed basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our basic SEO was simply linking client sites to the top 5 search indexes, social media, and sitemap updates, and showing our clients how to use those tools to make sure you were out there and find-able. Since many of our clients in San Diego have been asking us to manage the details of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for sometime now, we have started the SEO / SEM group in Computer Gurus. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) status has become too complicated and w-a-a-a-a-y to important to our on-line existence to be played at.. So we will navigate that with you…
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Our Valentines Day Card

A little Valentines Day fun from our friends at

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